Comic 306 - Day One
16th Jul 2013, 10:19 PM in A Big Fight
Day One
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Yes, let's broadcast naked poison monkey on prime time TV!

Not a big deal to spacers, but a definite no-no for land dwellers.
User comments:
They who lay down with Poison Monkeys, rise up with...

[He's a chick magnet!]
This was meant to be a positive impression video documentary right?
I see a very positive impression. :D

That said, she's surprisingly thin for a bodyguard .. what I mean is that you'd think she would have more muscles.
Don't need 'em. They're armed bodyguards - speed, accuracy, and coolness under fire are all more important if you are allowed to shoot, taser, and mace anyone who intrudes.

You can always put on power armor if you need more power. You can't increase your reaction speed with it, though.
I'm guessing his video diary is going to require a lot of takes...
Anytime I'm trying to make a documentary, the exact same thing happens to me, too.
You have naked alien hotties walk into the scene when you make a documentary? Is your company hiring? :)
Beholders Inc. is always hiring (mortals never last very long)
If he actually did some research, he might've brought the mobile censor bar generator, or at least hire a intern to hold them up.
That would only encourage them to try and slip something past the censors.
Hah, so true ... it would just be a challenge to them. :D