Comic 304 - Blue Sky
14th Jul 2013, 9:50 PM in A Big Fight
Blue Sky
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... I may have made the blue a bit too aggressive.
User comments:
Yeah, the blue is a bit too .. blue. >_<

I remember seeing a sky tutorial once where they used a regular raster layer with a subtle gradient, and then another layer with the same gradient, but set to blend as a burn layer, I think it was, to make it more vibrant in the darker blue sections, but still have that almost over saturated quality in the lighter blue section ... looked pretty neat and was awfully fast to make.

Offcourse, he may have fiddled around with his gradient fill tool before he made the tutorial, and he certainly fiddled with the transparancy on the Burn layer, to adjust for the severity of the effect .. but still, it meant that even if his first gradient didn't work out exactly as he wanted it, that he could just adjust it a bit until he liked it.

Offcourse, the page he posted the tutorial on is now long gone, so I can't even link it. :(

But I'm sure someone out there have other good tutorials on painting skies quick 'n' dirty and still get good results. :)
I actually did this on purpose, but it didn't work out exactly like I wanted.
Ah .. well, better luck next time, then. :)

But then, testing out new coloring techniques and stuff is part and parcel of what Space Pulp is all about. :)
Looks perfect to me, like an incredibly beautiful day, the kind that you don't see very often.
Eh, whatever, it's a SPACE sky, it could even not be blue at all.
On the plus, with everyone headed to space, you won't need to worry about dramatic take-off angle skies for a while. That being said I like the color.
Eh, alien planet. Works as an excuse for just about anything.

Rocks too fibre-glass? Alien planet.
A thicker Atmophere should be more blue.
And a planet that endures all those flares and is still habitable probably would have a thicker atmosphere too
That's the electro magnetic field not the atmosphere.