Comic 303 - Sealed
12th Jul 2013, 9:51 PM in A Big Fight
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Hm. I'm really tired.
User comments:
Looking a lot better there View. Go get some well deserved sleep.
Next looks a really disappointed with Shark in this one.
That's probably his "I told you so" face. Playing hide and seek with someone who can see the future is a losing proposition.
Oh man, does i have to be a nocturnal visit? I think view wanted to sleep at night rather than travel.
That must have hurt. Also, I like how Iri's hair looks in the last frame.
Hey view, random dude here. I discovered your work recently via a friend sending me random snippets of silly faces from your "Cheer" comic. I did a bit of research, basically played internet stalker for a few hours before reading everything currently out in Space Pulp. You really put your all into each piece you do, and it shows. I've never seen a drawing that made me go "Man, you can tell the artist really loves their work." until I found you. I've decided to buy a tablet and give my artistic (lack of)skills another go. At the risk of sounding crazy on the internet, thanks for being awesome, view.
I can't say I'm happy with any of the pages I've put out, but I'm glad you like them. If you stop by again, get an account, I'll draw you a profile picture.