Comic 302 - The Other
11th Jul 2013, 10:19 PM in A Big Fight
The Other
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Hm. Still don't have this new computer down.
User comments:
IF the stowaway was smart , should know if Iri has you then best run before - Oops to late. LOL
That was a fine bit of misdirection that made perfect sense* after the fact!

*(Almost inevitable, actually!)
Yes, but Shark will just have to deal with it - Offcourse, we know she won't listen to reason.

Besides, it's probably better to land on your bum and get your face in the news for being childish, than end up at the wrong end of a starcruisers cannons.
For some reason I'm imagining a 'punt' sound effect like from one of those rubber gym balls in that last pannel =P
I'd guess something like "strength" or "support" unless it's closer to a human color association, in which case it could be that they're pledging their lives to their goal.
Also depends on what culture - In Japan, for example, white is the color of mourning and funerals.
White is for bone. They're the bone of their sword. Steel is their body, and fire is their blood.
Gotta say, Iri's dress is looking all painterly and stuff, very nice. :)

Might even get better core shadows 'n' stuff as you get more used to the new setup.
Y'know .. like these and these
Wait, Iri was wearing something under that dress? Sure didn't look that way previously. Unless she put some shorts on when she went to look for Shark, specifically because she knew she'd have to literally kick her out.
Looks like the line art on this page is back to the previous standard.