Comic 300 - Welcome Aboard
9th Jul 2013, 6:47 PM in A Big Fight
Welcome Aboard
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I don't really mind getting my schedule disrupted a bit. It refills the artistic batteries a little.

But, still, it disrupts the schedule.
User comments:
Schedule is as schedule does.

[Things seem a bit more visually dimensional now. Especially the clothes. Nice!]
yes, definite improvement in the clothing.
(gotta go back a couple weeks to see clothing though)
They're not wearing red, like all the ones outside ?

And also, yay, update. :)
Amazing shading and coloring, it's very subtle that the white dresses are ever-so-faintly translucent. (Also very hot.)
what is that thing trailing the guy with the wire
It's a camera, which will become clear whenever I get around to it.
Hey view, are the lines that connect to the outer corners of Ayata's eyes a darkly colored, narrow bit of skin? Or are they a thin line of hair? Or is it just marking a notable edge that makes up the eye socket?

EDIT: Did some archive diving and found a reference for them from the ribbon ceremony pages, wanted to put some colors to the Ayata sketch.
Woo, you put in a lot more effort than I did!

If you want a sketch for, um, coloring my sketch, just let me know!
Haha, this may become cyclical, but I'll think on another sketch request.