Comic 30 - Haaaair
16th Aug 2012, 9:29 PM in Crash
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I admit it, I do like drawing nakkid folks.
User comments:
And you are so very good at it to boot.

Keep up the good work View. I came for the nekkid chicks, I stayed for the amazing characters they became and the story the were involved in.
J'aime mieux quand c'est coloré. Once again swordy sword shows its usefulness, adjustable lengths of the blade to create a lighter.
I kind of thought that way back on Comic 2.

Do I detect an axillary flash of color here in panel 2?
Ohhh, this is the hair Ms. Lake should have ALL the time :D
She would need a canidae equivalent to follow her around saying "ARF!"
Her hair is troublesome enough when it's not a giant fro.
Special characters have special requirements.*

*(They say.)
That damn hair. I think I dislike it so because its exactly what my hair does at any length but very short. Curly and wavy hair is nothing but a useless pain in the ass. Mind you, you draw it well and I don't mind if your characters have it. I'm not complaining about your work. Just...ranting on a subject at hand in the page! :)

And there is nothing wrong with loving to draw naked people. We all are quite happy you enjoy it so. Hell if I had the skill I'd do nothing but draw naked people all the time. All. The. Time.
If we lived in a clothing optional dimension, would we be discussing clothed people now?
Wow, how the hair is done is GREAT! Yea the Fro could be a hassle but the coloring is wonderful.

Also does she HAVE to get dressed?
Well, hair has never been my specialty, but thanks.
And fortunately,
Any kind of hair
In this galaxy
Is considered rare!
View, the color on her nose. Is it supposed to represent the lighting or more of a physical representation of her race to distance herself from her similarity to humans?
So poison monkeys don't have nipples?
Not only is her hair a similar color to mine... it pretty much does exactly the same thing as mine if it gets wet and I let it dry without tying it back <.<

Oh! Also, I like the heart swordy-sword has acquired.

Also, if I might add, your bodywork only continues to improve. Looks great.
I think the reason everyone thinks the hair looks great is because nobody draws that kind of hair in comics.
Well, I can not speak for everybody, but *I* think the hair looks awesome due to the quality of the execution, as well as the novelty of the new frilly style. And I HAVE seen this frilly hair in several other comics, so rarity is not an influencing factor. You genuinely did an excellent job on it.

Now,Iri's normal hair is actually quite unique, and I can not recall ever seeing it in another comic. So I am quite curious to see some of the cool new hair colouring techniques showcased here applied to her regular hairdo. Or new ones for that matter if you are still not happy with how this hair turned out.

Oh, and YAY for NUDITY! I really do love your more realistic approach to human proportions and anatomy. It makes the characters all the more sexy.

... Swordy sword has a heart!? I wonder is it a decal, button, or indicator light?
Is possibly truth, but if my lady had hair like that in real life, I'd probably be equally pleased, if not more.

I agree with dragon too. Regardless of its fantastic outlandishness, it's quite well done. You got the idea across perfectly without resulting to over-obsessive detail, which just wouldn't be in the style of the comic.

Also, I know I'm not the first to say it, but I freakin love her nose.
If you look back at the first few pages you can definitely see the difference and better quality of the coloring and art, doing well so far view.