Comic 3 - Planetary
30th Jun 2012, 5:25 PM in Crash
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Author Notes:
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Less daring with the panel layout. Tweaking colors...
User comments:
hehe . Hopfully snickers someone is in for a BAD day...
Haha! Sharp, piercing green eyes! Now just darken the red of the hair and I'm good to go! Lol
Dear lord. Prepare for crazy. Also, the eye color emphasizes the crazy.
I suspect she's hoping she'll survive the entry and landing in one piece.
After all, she can't really receive medical assistance if she's blown to smithereens.
Yes, the question is to what degree is an escape pod rated for atmospheric maneuvering. Once your are a spacer, there must be an innate aversion to going back down any gravity well.
Did she change her shorts, or are they sensitive to hyperspace?
Undead H3r3tic
I like the last panel. It looks like her shit's-about-to-get-real face.
Hahaha! Her face in the last panel is just full of crazy.
Medical Assistance as opposed to Mortuary Assistance?

Nice ashtray of the future too.
uhm i'm really liking the smoke effects here XD looking good
Her eyes are laughing, in a crazy way, I like it lol.
I think Ms. Lake is indulging in a little ironical self deprecation in panel 5.
Did... Did Iri just throw the smoke stick out the window? In space?