Comic 299 - Get aboard
7th Jul 2013, 8:27 PM in A Big Fight
Get aboard
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SAI is the most annoying thing to license EVER. "We don't let people with zip codes that contain zeroes buy our stuff" "We don't let people with gmail accounts buy our stuff" "We don't-"


On a related note, you may notice all my brushes changed AGAIN. I need to find a replacement, because this is bullshit.

Here are the quick sketches people requested! They are just quick sketches.
User comments:
"Be awesome while I'm away." is a great send off!

Also, I love the sketches. Particularly Froggie. That just seems very... Ayata.
"Woo!" is my reaction too when I see someone kissing. That's probably why people consider me awkward.
The PM's around them certainly seems like at's not awkward at all.

But then, they're poison monkeys, shooting a teapot at the moon is probably not awkward to them either. :)
We won't let you sell your games to someone when you're done!

We won't make software for you that cost less than 500 bucks or more!

Fences make men free to rebel friend.
Hrmm ... what is a SAI ?

I mean, apart form a nasty dagger or a hindu guru that looks like he's stoned all the time.
SAI is an illustration and painting program. It has some good merits but is a pain in the ass in a number of ways, not the least of which is acquiring it without pirating it.
Oh, I see.

I don't know much about painting programs besides Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro (now defunct) and have dabbled a bit in Open Canvas.

Open Canvas was kinda neat, but aimed more at painting, rather than drawing.
Panel 2, white shirt. Looks cashmere. Very near realistic.

Looks like the boat leaving is cause for a party everywhere in the universe.
Yeah, all they needed was a Salu-Salu to cut down on filter costs, they just didn't have the heart to tell him the truth. >_<
Dat Ayata. Totally seems like something her character would do.
He he, yeah, the "bang" sketch had me laughing - Besides, great way to get a bit of training in, even if it isn't allthat serious. :)
Try Manga Studio? I've a friend using it, they seem to like it.
Last I checked, Manga Studio didn't support pressure sensitivity.
"All aboard, all aboard, whohoo!"
The justified ancients of Mu Mu is about to leave. :)

.. oh my, I just showed my age a bit there, didn't I just ? >_<
Still, it seems somehow appropiate to PM culture, heck their lead dancer even have PM like hair. :)