Comic 298 - Pad
5th Jul 2013, 8:33 PM in A Big Fight
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Hm, not so sure about this page.

Anyway, some of you have some sketches owed, and this would be a pretty good time to request them. Need to break in the new machine!
User comments:
My species has no understanding of "opera" or whatever it's called.
I like it - well done - it gives the impression of a lot of people .. good birds eye view :D
can I make a request for a sketch?
If you're not one of the people who earned one, you can... but I might not do it, so don't feel offended.
Alrighty view, I'm putting in a sketch request for a Burbic playboy, the kind of fellow whose tuft is irresistibly fine.

I'll leave the details as to what that means to you, so just go ahead and let your imagination ruminate on his appearance.
I'd like a sketch of Ayata sneaking up on Pinkie and doing something mischevious to him, as a sort of revenge for scaring her all the way back in this comic.

I'll leave the specifics of it up to you. :)