Comic 296 - Has to Last
3rd Jul 2013, 6:59 PM in A Big Fight
Has to Last
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Okay, this is all a completely new machine. So I don't have my palette or brushes any more, and am rebuilding it.

Hopefully it looks okay.

Tomorrow: tomorrow!
User comments:
Wow, it looks so different. The colors and shading look so much softer and smoother...
Hm, new video drivers, so it looks different than on my last machine.

But I think this might be too soft.
Maybe ... after all, the page today is much brighter than yesterday. And brighter colors often tend to look softer, even at the same hardness setting.

Overall it looks pretty nice, I'd say the main issue I have with this page, is the odd look of the roof they are on, in the last two panels. It laks the texture of the previous pages, which makes it stand out.
Their skins are several shades lighter, and some lines might be a bit too thin (like Shark on panel 3, she looks almost like a pencil sketch), but overall it's not bad. It's just a bit inconsistent, going from last page, where Shark and Next are pretty dark, to this one where they're barely brownish.
Marketing 101: don't call it missing tools, call it style experiment :-)

looks good, a bit different. I like the shades on Shark. Only panel 3, like elfolampo said, looks strange.
Hi, I just read the whole NMG in 3 days, and I have to tell you that I love your work. I'm looking forward on spending my time here after I catch up with the story :)
Well, they're completely different genres, but I hope you enjoy it!
But they are both mad by you view :P And you're awesome.
I thought she looked a little porky due to the software problem you were having with the Tablet. Too many marshmallows!
I like to say pleasantly plump. They are damn sexy characters. Aside from the color difference, if you aren't comparing to the last page it all still looks very good. It is a softer look but not extremely noticeable. I am excited to see where the story is headed from here.
Yeah, don't worry too much about the difference, it's very close. It's more important to keep going, than to be perfectionist!
I feel like I comment to many times in nude scenes. Even if I'm talking about the chemical and physical properties of Gissoglassican skin. Which I may point out most people who delve into sci-fi writing shockingly find themselves presenting supposedly fantastic things only to find out there's a real world basic for their writing.

Anyway Shark IS super-cuddly. If she were real I would have a difficult time keeping my eyes off her.
You can always use the pipette tool on a page you've done previously to get a quick palette set up. Brushes will take some time to import or recreate.

Also, it may be a good idea to check that your monitor is displaying hue, saturation, and brightness properly just to be on the safe side.