Comic 294 - Keeper
30th Jun 2013, 10:20 PM in A Big Fight
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Author Notes:
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Okay, I rebooted a bunch and unplugged all the other stuff on my computer and it worked for a while. So here's a page!

I may miss a page in the next few days depending on this machine and the next machine.
User comments:
I guess he is a keeper. That's good. Iri needs a solid footing in her life.
What, me? This is really basic shading. I mean, really basic. If you can't emulate it, it's because you're trying too hard.
Glad you made it work! Page turned out very nice, and things sound a little less wistful now.
I think it's an ok.

He doesn't mind being a kept man. :D
Here comes the geek. If you're using a Mac, ok, can't help you, but Windows 7 is one of Microsoft's wins - it's stable and actually works. If you're using any other OS, just drop it and run-don't-walk to get Win7.

Happy to help / guide.
That actually made me a bit teary-eyed.