Comic 290 - Second Navy News
25th Jun 2013, 10:44 PM in A Big Fight
Second Navy News
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User comments:
she doesnt look convinced .. >_<

excellent POV shots ..
I have a feeling he isn't going.
Geez, they just left their lady friend on the bed like that?
Expressions are good, they give good feels. :)

We are all feels addicts. >_<
Iri faces in today's update are fantastic.

Just wanted to put it out there.
Aw shit, I know where this discussion is going to go. This brings back bad memories.

Edit: Next is going to learn the hard part of wanting/lusting/loving a older woman.
I read Iri's face as grief. I think that she's anticipating a death. I think it's Next's if he comes, or someone else's if he doesn't.