Comic 29 - Travel
15th Aug 2012, 9:08 PM in Crash
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User comments:
All the foliage adds to the atmosphere.*

*(No, really! I bet it's part of the life support system.)
That was my thought as well. Though I would not hold it against them if it was just for aesthetics, as indoor gardens are awesome.
Plants are a great way to extend the oxygen supply if your scrubbers quit.
That's a wacky shower. Water comes from everywhere? I'd love one of those.
Such showers do exist, and are quite expensive. However I do not think that Iri is in one. It looks more like just a very large shower head in the second panel, with all the water coming from a single direction. And I think the 3rd panel is actually depicting a drying blast of air. Which would be a feature that I would love to have in a shower.

But ya, I hope this is going towards some nice gratuitous nudity. The dryer has me a bit bummed, however. As I would have liked to see Iri dripping wet. Ah well.
As it turns out, there's a big, wet, jungle planet in our near future.
If there is water you would expect to find Ayata in it!
Yeah I know they have showers like that, I was just nevermind. I imagine Iri's dried hair is very poofy and frizzy though so I'm hoping she's going to lose it all again. Or towel dry.. Some people should probably never upgrade to automatic dryers lol
Does Jagi's ultra non-reflective skin have something to do with absorbing sunlight for metabolism?
I'm thinking it's a light arresting cloak because he can't trust anyone or it makes for easy getaways
Why does he have to look so creepy while aproaching a naked woman in the shower?