Comic 289 - Glistening
24th Jun 2013, 10:34 PM in A Big Fight
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I kinda went into a hypnotic state when I started on the sweat. When I woke up, she was very glisteny.
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Slip and Slide
Into the
Other side!

[Is Poison Monkey sweat isotopic?]
Does this remind anyone else of that scene in the original Ghost in the Shell manga? You know which one I'm talking about ;)
I know exactly which scene your talking about. It established that The Major enjoyed DP. I suspect view is a fan of GiTS.

And that's a common real life threesome position right there! HMMMMMMMMMMM!
I don't remember those pages in particular, although I'm sure you're talking about the often-excluded lesbian scene.
It's not just a lesbian scene. It's a lesbian orgy ending with full on cyborg double penetration of the main character.

Cyborg sex life is a fascinating thought to me. Oh the things you can do!
Out of curiosity, I have never seen this manga. Does anyone have a link to it?
Gotta give it to Shark, she's living life all out.

Also .. shiny ! :)
That first panel makes the room look gigantic.
It's supposed to. It's the room with the pool.

But I think I'll go and put in a little furniture...
I love the detail of the upturned armchair.
So, who does next enjoy going down on more? Iri? Shark? Himself?
I may start getting sore from all the fistbumps I'm giving you.