Comic 288 - Glances
23rd Jun 2013, 7:52 PM in A Big Fight
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Author Notes:
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I'd like to say that the naked is going to end, but that would be a lie.
User comments:
Hey as long as you have a fun story with cool artwork and interesting characters, who cares what (or if) they're wearing! The characters don't seem to mind :-D
Well, I hadn't thought ahead well enough, and there were too many pages of naked stacked up in a row.
Well it's appropriate. The plot is skirting the naked truth anyway!
Please please please let that glance lead to Iri asking "Care to join us, Ayata?"

view plz
So I've noticed.

Which is too bad because she's so cute...
"Ayata's not really a very sexual character."

You'd never know this considering some of the commenters.
We all want (or maybe all the comments have been mine) to see the cute, innocent girl get down and dirty!
Heh .. isn't that like, one of the top ten male fantasies ?
Or was that lesbians ?
I suspect she would have to be in the water at certain select times of her planetary year.
Next is looking a little smug there. I can't really blame him.

Shark's boobs are sagging a little, that's fine, big boobs tend to do that. I still think it's attractive. Good job on the realism view!

Edit: Good job on the boob physics in general for the past few pages. Someone had to notice and not care if they look like a perv for it.
It's more fun if the boobs are cartoony balloons.

EDIT: DUH I meant "are NOT cartoony". Brilliant.
What .. pumped up with helium and attached to the body with a thin piece of string ?

I dunno View, I don't think I'd find that very attractive or fun.
I also like that her butt cheek reacts to the slap. Physics are fun!
True, physics are fun.

Well, to play with physics is fun, sitting in a physics class can be quite boring indeed.
If the naked ended I think many people would riot. Or lose their mind. There would be a bootleg version of the comic with people poorly sketching the characters without clothes in a layer over the comic and it would devolve into incoherent sex and bright colored squiggles at the frustration mounted.
Awesome comic so far thank you for making it. Continue! :)