Comic 284 - Walk in
18th Jun 2013, 11:32 PM in A Big Fight
Walk in
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More nudity.
User comments:
Well, she did ask for it didn't she! Ha Ha
And Shark looks embarrassed and covering up.
And Next doesn't even give a shit, cause goddamn it. Score 2 hot babes and who the fuck cares.
In the future, clothing is finally not so overrated anymore.
It's called evolution!
Shark is bit of a shy exhibitionist and I can see that Next is going to help do Iri's hair.

I was right about what Jagi was about to do. It hurts at first but you're thankful for it later. I feel sorry for Iri cause she's getting her boobs painfully smashed into the table whenever he sets a bone right or loosen up a muscle.
I wonder what Shark is thinking about, fingering Rythm Riot's splitter in the last panel ?

Are all the PM's gonna share a port or something since she brought it ? Maybe, some sort of communion where they could share a particular memory/tactic ?
I'll go with wanting to experience a Jagi massage, without having the bruises after wards.
A once removed Jagi Massage ?

I wonder if that's even possible ?
Jagi doesn't have to give you bruises. He only does that if you ask nicely.
Ah, so he only bruises you if he likes you ?
I wonder what his species mating rituals are like ? XD