Comic 283 - Rock Star Method
17th Jun 2013, 10:38 PM in A Big Fight
Rock Star Method
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User comments:
This is possibly the most fantastic page of all time,
Well of course, Next is a diplomat (read spoiled) and Shark is an actor.
Sometimes you just want it rough and hard. Poor put upon Jagi, you can tell this isn't the first time. Or probably even the sixth...
Wow.. that was rather sudden. Jagi looks quite pissed and after all this time he still gives me the creeps.
Irritating Jagi so that he is forceful enough to do the job right?
I know exactly what Jagi is about to do.

As a practitioner of martial arts I can tell you a soft touch just won't work sometimes after an intense session and you have to ask fellow students or your master for help. Most often they're a man. You just have to be sure to say "no homo," or nothing at all if it's a family member.

Dragon King isnt even on this page?
I think he means Pinkie. I get them confused a lot, too.
I have a feel naked ravings from here are as common as the day/night cycle for this planet.

I feel bad for the cook though. I can only imagine what he has seen in his days there.
PM orgy in the walk in? Having worked in restaurants for too many years, I have walked in on people getting it on in the walk in, both fridge and freezer. Pantry too.
And PMs are probably worse. So yeah, I feel for that cook.