Comic 281 - Cover
15th Jun 2013, 6:04 PM in A Big Fight
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User comments:
Looks like it time for the big boys to come out and play with their big toys and phallic space ships.

And Iri ?
She'll be the wrench in the system, wreaking havoc with Unity's plans.
I really like this cover. It's fun to look at in a slightly retro-ish way, has fun character design (I like the smiling dude in the foreground on the right), sets a nice mood, and already gets a lot across about the story coming up in the chapter. I love Iri bein' all shadowy and smoky in the background.
Also: Their pattern indicates two-dimensional thinking!
Interestingly, calaatic warfare would be somewhat 2 dimensional, what with the planetary orbits tending to be mostly in the the same plane, sorta like how all of our solar systems planets are in the same planar rotation, except for Pluto, which punts around out in the Kuiper Belt.

But then, Pluto's weird. XD
>But then, Pluto's a Dwarf Planet.

Fixed that for you.
It's a virtual display - the ships hover above or below the surface as you zoom in.
@Sheela: I dunno -- I think it would depend on the scale you're looking at. Stuff tends to orbit other stuff in mostly the same plane, but that doesn't prevent you from sending in your fleet from above or below that plane...