Comic 279 - Complete
13th Jun 2013, 10:53 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Indeed, Iri's pop-up thermometers are saying "look at us ! it's cold down here"
Nice, Jagi has both his reflexes and priorities in order - You'd almost think that he was used to catching girls falling off of buildings. :)

As for Shark, apart from her epic fumbling, she's going to be her producers heroine - Actual combat footage of two hunters, with both of them showing powers noone knew they had - this is Daily Bugle material, i tells you!

Offcourse, Iri is all badass, and naked ass, as per usual, and pulling off both magnificently. :)
Can't see her expression in the first panel but from her standing there like that probably in disbelief.
Awesome ending to that confrontation View!
I always have the feeling that it is missing some pages...
Yeah, I'm really bad at combat. It's just... really boring to me. So I sort of rush.
I don't blame you, combat is boring to draw after a few pages. There is so much going on you have to show step by step with little to no dialogue. Bleh.
And yet, you also dislike talking heads page. So I guess that your ideal is like... people walking around doing their day to day stuff while talking? Or maybe slapstick jokes?
That's because everything is work !
You're a work-o-phobe ? XD

So ... the ideal is pages that do themselves ?
I always got the impression you enjoyed the pages with song narration, they seemed fun.
You shouldn't feel bad about rushing it. The character-interaction stuff is the best part of your comics!

Side note: Shark = adorable.
Nice sequence on this page, with Shark fumbling, the thingy falling down, Iris catching it all super-cool, and the zoom out. Also, love text in the last panels.
Did Shark fumble the camera, or did Iri subtly pull it out of her hand?

That would be an interesting development if a hunter could gain the powers of another hunter upon death.