Comic 278 - Sudden but Inevitable
12th Jun 2013, 9:23 PM in Hunter's Moon
Sudden but Inevitable
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Author Notes:
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This should have been a pretty obvious conclusion, although some of you probably thought the fight would go on for another ten pages first.
User comments:
and boom goes the dynamite...waste of tech
Would be nasty to be cought up in an explosion like that, huh ?
Might be a good time to be able to teleport to another place.
Like, say, the place where SwordySword is now. :)
The trouble with having psychologically self-destructive minions!
The second the floating skull mentioned that the capacitors could be overloaded, I thought "Chekovs Capacitors" ...

Chekov's been around, it seems. XD
Cool explosion, btw. :)
I dunno, but if they ever have a child ... run for the hills !! :D
Did she push Iri away knowing what was going to happen to her at full power? That last statement Iri made must have meant something to her.
Quite possibly.

One thing seems to be fairly certain, she knew she was about to go ka-blooey.
And she also knew something important about Iri that may make her so valuable, it might be worth her own sacrifice herself.
Skully didn't think out its cunning plan well enough.