Comic 276 - Naturally
10th Jun 2013, 10:03 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Author Notes:
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Oh, look, back to the naked ladies. This one's thematic! It's all about the difference between one woman armored in super robot plate mail, and the other running around naked getting the crap kicked out of her.

Very deep.
User comments:
I can see the deep meanings when they jiggle and wiggle in front of me.
G-Rock, shield your eyes! Your capacitors are liable to overload!
So are the red spots bruises? Waters not cold, no hard nipples.
AFAIK, water is wet.

*sage nod*

Makes your hair all floppy. :)
I think whatever force caused her outfit to be shredded caused them.
Battles in the buff, with SwordySwords !

Hmm, If Ashes know where her sword is, that is.
The only way to kick ass, is to do so in the nude. I think Confucius or Sun Tzu covered that somewhere.
Argh, I should have seen this one on the first read-trough.

There's an obvious reference to the line, "Always know where your towel is.", and she sure could use one at that point too.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.