Comic 274 - Wet
7th Jun 2013, 9:01 PM in Hunter's Moon
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No comic tomorrow!
User comments:
...Maybe she's playing possum and isn't really drowning? Who knows, maybe she's a mutant who can breathe underwater and who am I even kidding? -_-;
Either way, the third panel is somewhat enigmatic. Looks almost like she's about to teleport SwordySword away ?
Maybe it's time for SwordySword to save the day, eh ?

Again, I might add ... no pressure, no pressure! :D

Maybe something will surface...

[At least it's not a cliff this time!]
My guess is she will manipulate Swordy to blast thru. She has it right under Ashes' ass. Maybe send her into Hyper space! :)
pkrankow record with oxygen is some 22 minutes, without 11 minutes.

Typical semi-athletic person about 60 seconds, typical athlete about 2 minutes. With meditation and specific training this can be increased.

Not very long, yet a rather long time for the weekend. Nice.

Dammit i caught up. Now i have to wait everyday.
These "caught up" messages mean a lot to me, because it means the comic hasn't gotten incredibly boring.
Incredibly boring ?
Certainly not!

What makes you think that ?