Comic 273 - Frosty
6th Jun 2013, 9:33 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Deep roots surfacing...

[If this were Friday, this would be a helluva cliffhanger!]
[view is so good to us.]
She's gonna blow... The ice will protect Iri.
Or the amphibian cavalry will swim under the hill!

(btw: Is the pink haired fuzzy figure in white anyone we know?)
Can't be sure but Iri almost looks like she knows what is going to happen next. Looks kinda anxious about it too!
Sometimes I get the feeling Herr Skull-for-a-face is actually a teenager. You know, the Hollywood super-genius hacker type with a massive superiority complex and hiding in a basement. One of those types that took an "Introduction to Philosophy" class and ends up misquoting Nietzsche, Kant, and Sartre.

Kind of like a more pathetic version of Ender's evil brother.
Hah, she really is.

Would also be a quick way to get out of the ice trap.