Comic 272 - Ice ice baby
5th Jun 2013, 9:21 PM in Hunter's Moon
Ice ice baby
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She can't swim, but that's okay.
User comments:
Not heat, exactly. Atomic membranes, sort of like the rift blade backwards.
Sort of. "Energy level" as measured by a thermometer, but not as measured by electron state.
What is she doing with the waste heat? Removed energy that is.
Well, that is a very good question, but I don't think I'll spoil it.
Something to do with the 'overload warning' perhaps.

[Thank you for the discussion!]
Crackpot Theory :

View said that the rift blade was basically small hyperspace rifts, much like the ones spaceships use to travel, and if this is in revers, maybe she's just sending the extra energy out into space, using herself as a conduit ?
Anyone else getting the feeling that Iri is the weakest of the Hunters, at least in things outside prescience?