Comic 271 - Splash
4th Jun 2013, 9:30 PM in Hunter's Moon
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User comments:
The foreseen is green!

[I wonder if brown sticky reacts unfavorably with water?]
Hmm, gooey stuff was designed to interact with the water?

OH! no shrapnel clever.
Seems to be bubbling up, wonder if shes going to resemble a badly battered tempura hunter?
Is there a bird being flipped in that first panel?
I seem to remember that trying to swim in full body armor is very hard.
In general, this universe is full of species that can't swim, and those that theoretically can, usually never learn.
General Kax didn't seem like he was very good at it, it'll be interesting to see if Ashes is qany good at it.
Thought of this after work, "Do you have a Cyborg Hunter of a headache? Try Jagi-Seltzer! Find it in the Guns and Ammo aisle."