13th Aug 2012, 9:51 PM in Crash
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If you spend your Friday fistfighting a seven foot Mexican wrestler in freefall 10,000 feet over Cambodia, remember to put the last chute on BEFORE pulling the cord. Those pack a surprising wallop.

Parachutes, I mean. Rudos pack exactly as much wallop as you might expect.
User comments:
nice page - diffrent coloring style on Iris hair , I like it!
I'd like to say I'm experimenting, but the truth is I can't remember how I used to do it.
I knew you were with the Agency, I just knew it! I should have started a pool on it.

Is it just me or is Ayata very attractive? In a cute, well mannered, prop lady but slightly naive kinda way?
Thank you for the nice present! Now we know why Ms. Lake was reminiscing.

(And some more healing white light to you on general principles.)

's why I fistfight rudos.
Definitions define
Inclinations incline...

A life is short,
And then you die.
Hello hello,
Goodbye goodbye
You know, I didn't like Fight Club. I was then in turn told that was because I was too stupid.
I don't like Fight Club, but I do have it more or less memorized.
I really like the two-tone style face on Iri. Along with the hair style and awesome attitude it's a very distinguishing feature.

Is he blacked-out because he's intended to be dark, shadowy and mysterious with a little suspense or have you just not decided yet on how to draw/color him yet?

I'm with you Jasper. I have high hopes for Ayata. Something about her seems alluring.
Ayata is an amphibian. I'm sure she is adaptively inclined.

Jagi is piiiiitch black. That's why I put him in front of a window out into the depths of space. So I could show him being darker than the depths of space.
He still looks like he will be an awesome character. He also looks very familiar but I can't put my finger on how.
Thanks for the clarification. It's a good color on him. Head shape/eye placement in Panel 3 is my favorite.

I just thought of something funny!
Does that mean he walks around naked like the Invisible Man all the time?

But seriously... how does it work?
Yay! New page!
Panel 3 looks especially awesome. But I can not quite put my finger on why. Maybe it is just because Jagi looks so smokin' hot...
2 things, 1. So that's how you dislocated your shoulder. 2. Is that a musical note or a z between is and present?
Heh. I was just looking at that exact note on the page earlier thinking to myself "Man, notes with the downwards tail suck to draw. At least view doesn't make them like stupid Qs like I do." I guess they have to look like some kind of letter.
Okay, just wanted to ask. P.S. Thank You for talking/typing to me again. I thought you were still mad about the picture on HF.
It's pretty hard to make me angry for than two or three minutes.
Were it not for the impeccable score, I would be confused as to the relative time frame of the narrative.
In case everyone's wondering, the next page is finished. I JUST CAN'T FUCKING UPLOAD IT.
Are those eyes on Jagi's forehead? The one on his temple appears to have an iris.
I guess the sensor-pits are the white ovals closer to the centre?