Comic 265 - Voooo
28th May 2013, 10:36 PM in Hunter's Moon
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User comments:
Is Iri a southpaw throughout, or just switch hitting? I haven't been paying very close attention to this.

Trained to fight with either hand. Need to protect both sides since no shield.
Started from the beginning, definitely southpaw, and yes, trained on both sides. every "when it counts" scene she is fighting left dominant.

Jagi has a shotgun, probably the best choice against someone who can predict where a given bullet will be.
Iri would have spoken up if he were bringing something useless or harmful into the fight, which means even if it can't bring her down on its own it can put her in a position to be brought down.
Hmm, depends on what he has loaded, shot or flechette rounds? He's pretty solid though, so it could be either in depleted uranium, or equivalent. Might also depend on how her armor functions, does it harden on impact to distribute force, or does it use force fields? If on impact, it could make her movements stutter. If using force fields, it might be possible to over load them with enough hits at one time. Either way, should be distracting.
Doesn't really need to penetrate as long as the shotgun distracts her long enough for Iri to score a good hit with the sword.
It could be loaded with something sticky or gravity manipulated...
View is just going to throw us a curveball, and have it shoot water baloons to disrupt her circuitry.

calling it now. it shoots something so stupid, but spectacular, that we'd never expect it.
There is certainly a track record for that sort of thing.
In that case, I call Chekovs Couch, dropped by Pinkie and Rythm Riot from the top of a nearby building. :)

Like so :
Psycho Skull, "Curse you meddling kids!"