Comic 264 - Solar Flare
27th May 2013, 9:56 PM in Hunter's Moon
Solar Flare
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User comments:
And the solar flare dosn't disrupt her cybork-stuff at all?
That's why she's the only hunter sent down to the planet.
That's some fancy tech. Why don't the others have it? Are they to cheap?
I don't remember seeing a Hunter getting paid let alone talking about payment. Wondered how they can buy daily items!
Well, when the Temple was around, they had an expense account.

The Hunters serving Unity are government employees, but obviously here on-planet they are scavengers.

Iri gets money from a variety of sources, but it isn't really a huge concern, because she tends to write home for cash if she really needs some.
And, of course, right now there's probably her whole planet backing her up.
It's time for a...

3d Chess Game with the enemy while verbally sparring! Ohhhoooo...

No I mean a thrilllling fight scene!

Lllllet's go back to the chess gaaaaame! Queeeeeen to King's Bishop 4!