Comic 263 - Time to Run an Errand
26th May 2013, 8:17 PM in Hunter's Moon
Time to Run an Errand
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You didn't think they'd send some random teenager out as their main ambassador, did you?
I knew she was an adult. Never hit me that she was a mother, though.
Neoteny, always gonna throw em off.
Not surprised that she's an adult, but there was never any indication of her having a family.

But then, maybe she doesn't.
Why not?
Works pretty well for the Final Fantasy universes...
I'd like to see what her daughters look like. :)
apparently 6 feet under.

Or was that 7 fathoms.
Huh. Yeah I didn't figure she was a mom. If she lost kids they must have a different connection to them offspring. It didn't get to her.

Or she is trained in some way to handle emotions better (religion, occupation, etc.)
I somehow managed to follow this comic from day one without realizing, until now, that Ayata has webbed hands.

Which, duh, of course she does.
Awww. . . I assumed she was younger based on how she looks, but I guess not. Poor Ayata. :c
Well, she could still be young. We don't know the customs of her people on how early a person can start having children of their own.