Comic 26 - Sizzle
10th Aug 2012, 9:10 PM in Crash
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No comic tomorrow.
User comments:
First thought was 'that must hurt'. Then I noticed that the comment is valid for each character on this page.
Agreed, lotta pain going around.

On a related note, Iri seems to be pretty tough.
Poison Monkeys are extreeeemely tough.

As a side note, I'm pretty sure this flashback is the most gruesome/painful scene in the comic. I guess my MO is to do an excessive intro at the end of the first chapter to scare my readers off.
Heh, I initially read Centcomm's comment as "Yay! I think everyone is in pain here!"
Yeah that's quite the way to get stabbed. Especially for a female...probably. I'm still interested in that oil black shadow dude. And if Iri has crazy healing factors, I notice her hair is gone so I'm wondering if she's up to something.
The hair was the first thing I noticed here. I was thinking it's probably just View tweaking his characters as he goes since he's still starting out? But perhaps not... perhaps... something more sinister?
Oh what do you know, you're right! And I'm sure there was no post upload edit. Nope. I just know that if SpaceMonkey and myself hadn't been huffing glue we would have seen it right.

Isn't that correct, fellow commenter?
That hair is gonna take ages to regrow, unless you're me and can grow hair from ears to neck in a couple of weeks. Every single time it does that it looks better than before for some reason...
I wouldn't say that is painful, considering the instant nature of the beam hitting the brain. I'm mostly wondering if the brain had any time at all to be aware that they are dead.
Aha ahah !
Toldya that Swordy Sword was just making heroic poses before it saved the day !

Totally predicted that one. :)
I wonder what the blade is made of. It certainly is not cauterizing any wounds it makes.
Now we have proof that swordy sword knows the ins and outs of a woman
It's a pulp ... in pulps you always have lots of bad puns and sexual innuendo.

Though I do have to admit, it was kinda groan-worthy, that one. :D
Heheh. Puns and innuendo. It's what they keep me around for. Then exile me for later.

I can't decide if views sigh is a positive thing or not lol
Well, I guess that depends on how many electrons he's charged with at the moment of sighing.

More importantly, calling view a positive thing is totally objectifying him/her as a sexual hotdog .. erhh, I mean a sexual object ... this will not stand !

.. rather, it will lie down next to the dead horse .. over there .. in the corner. :D
I think it's also worth noting that that alien's neck is soft enough to be strangled, despite the "carapaced" appearance of her arms.
That's actually a good point. :)

I'm guessing it has tough and scaly skin in the areas that has a need to bend, like on reptiles such as alligators and crocodiles.
So more like a lizard which has a skeleton with a tough hide/boneplates on it's skin ... as opposed to an exoskeleton like an insect.

correct ?
Yes. A proper exoskeleton is actually not very useful at such sizes/weights. But armor can be.
It's probably the light effects, but the queen seems to have a different color in every page she's in.
I make her whatever color she needs to be to stand out. I'm still learning.
As I look at this page again. I am reminded of the fact that the vast majority of impaling depicted in movies and art, are usually just in one end, and out the other. But you have gone the extra mile and actually had the character get impaled while slightly hunched over to give a sort of "Sewn" effect for lack of a better word. Disturbing, but awesome.

Also, I REALLY hope that "Inky" the alien has really good healing powers, cause DAMN those burns look nasty. Way worse than Iri's gun shots.

Unless he has something along the lines of a super exoskeleton and the red hot discolouration is only surface deep.

Mind you, perhaps with his superheated exterior he could save Iri's life by cauterizing her wounds... Assuming of course her own constitution has not already started to close them.
You're thinking about it a bit too deeply, but he does recover.
For a moment there, I thought the blackish figure was going to wear the corpse of the whiteis figure. Then I noticed the impaling.
Hey, the night is still young. He could still fashion a skin-suit out of the ex-demigoddess. Maybe that's how they escaped the planet -- used her biometrics to gain access to her private space-yacht.
Every time I get lost in The Woods, all the exciting dramatic action starts happening!