Comic 259 - Cultural Center
21st May 2013, 10:44 PM in Hunter's Moon
Cultural Center
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Author Notes:
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So much work!

This page was a nightmare, because the poison monkey cultural center is supposed to be a cartoonish building, which means it looks really bad.
User comments:
Well, to be fair, she has just walked around in a city that is made mostly out of gray - There's gonna be a bit of a cultural shock there. :D

Also, she used to walk around in a neon-yellow scarf, and pink pantaloons. Her experience in both fashion and speeches may be limited.
I think that she's mostly amazed at how the microphone works.
Looks like Ayata's still seeing and hearing things that amaze her! Will the wonders ever cease?
It looks like number five from Pinball Number Count.

Also, why in the hell do I remember it that well? It was 1977. I wasn't even born.

It gets monotonous after a bit though. The visuals are cool.

Aww. :)

I like the little smile from the PM in the background.

Also, I wonder how much damage Iri could manage to do with those scissors.
I don't think I could ever hire a PM interior decorator, I keep expecting Carebears to pop out of the opening.
I'm trying to remember the last time we saw her wear a shirt much less her speech :).
She plays an increasingly important role starting next chapter.

This chapter is more about Iri.