Comic 258 - On the Move
20th May 2013, 11:26 PM in Hunter's Moon
On the Move
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User comments:
I'm guessing Jagi used a little too much strength there.
Speaking as a man who has been hit by a car while on foot I can tell you something as simple as a shirt moving across my skin was enough to set me off.

And considering she's been psychically nailed pretty hard previously....


Btw, is that a mix of pain and unrequieted love in that 3rd panel ?
Must hurt to have someone else guard that idol of yours.
Never mind that she's actually Next's bodyguard. XD

But hey, a girl can dream.
Ah, the classic celebrity disguise of hood and large sunglasses.

I love Jagi's visor. Is it just eye-protection and coolness enhancement, or does it have a tactical/entertainment heads-up-display?
It's connected to his gun and protects his eyes. Basically, he's already armored everywhere, so a bit of light armor goggles and he's ready to rock.

Against small arms fire, at least.
I see why he's so useful to have along for Iri.

Interesting that the visor has strong enough cyberware to enhanche gun control, but also very useful.
After all, don't want to kill an innocent bystander.

Also interesting to see Next ask his own bodyguards if they want to come along with him.
Usually, bodyguards will be awfully fussy about their guarded target and where they're going to the point of obsessive detail.

... yeah, I've worked with a few.
Well, they're officially off duty. Medical leave.

And they do have bodyguards on site, both qualified locals and the crazy-savvy armored guy who did the job solo for a few years.

So it's irksome, but it's not something where they can really step in and start making a fuss.