Comic 257 - Dress Up
19th May 2013, 7:23 PM in Hunter's Moon
Dress Up
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User comments:
Ahh, I'd give a funny look if one of my friends started to steal my clothes in public too.
"Is this 30 weight?"

For a moment there I thaught she was checking her oil. Either way, still a good page.
I really like the way "30-weight" sounds. Don't know why.
Howdy, a Space Pulp fan. It took me until now to recognize you from an old comic you did in SJ. It's nice to see you improve so much and that you continue making webcomics. Took the pleasure of reading NMTG only to be amazed.

Looking forward to more Space Pulp and your future works. Kudos.

Sheesh, that comic was ages ago.

Welcome. Let me know if you want an avatar or something.
Huh? there was an original space pulp?
To be more precise .. it was EEEvil !
So evil in fact, that you'll just have to imagine it.
HMMM. I can't decide if she just wants to bulk up, of if she is kinda putting everyone else on the line for her sake as well..