Comic 256 - Local Boys
17th May 2013, 11:12 PM in Hunter's Moon
Local Boys
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Art is hard, especially when stuff doesn't really work.
User comments:
It's the recuperation squad!

[There is lots of solar activity and the moon will be full next Friday.]
Must be very early in the morning, the lobby is flat empty.

Just about all public building have people in the common lobby space during regular business hours. The more who work there, the more always present.

I like the bleed-through effect of the green suit under the dress. Nicely done.
He's looking a little bit like Commander Britai Kridanik there. He just needs a big ole targeting cyborg eye.
Well, it was about time he started imitating someone else!
After all, Rythm Riot have been imitating Frankensteins Bride for a loong time.
Local Boy Redshirts: "Wait, what was that last part?"
Iri: "Oh, nothing, nothing."
Are the lines on the suits hand drawn (pinstripe and checkerboard) or did you use a pattern?
There's a bunch of different ways it happens.

The small grid pattern is a canvas pattern, the others are drawn by hand using various shortcut methods.
Hrm, that reminds me of a technique that could deform a canvas pattern according to a black/white mask so you could create patterns that looked like they weren't just put in with the fill bucket, a sort of quick 'n' dirty way of "form fitting" the canvas to a figure.

... uhmm .. I'll see if I can find the turorial for it.
I love Rhythm's expression in the last panel. Looks like she's thinking, "Wait, it's acceptable for me to die later on? Do I get a say in this?"
Alternatively it means "My bodyguards are going to die today, better it be local police than you guys" but without saying it outright.

Too bad the police guys aren't genre savy enough to pick up on the subtext.