Comic 252 - Sideboob
13th May 2013, 11:07 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Author Notes:
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I can't get used to this new setting on my tablet. It feels different.
User comments:
I feel a difference too, but I can't describe it.

A visual solidity perhaps...
Ah, a classic case of "I'll take what I can get and be happy about it too." :)

I like the shadows on the floor in the first panel, looks pretty cool.
I notice the difference as well. The detail seems different.
view I don't know if you realize this but Shark is hitting on just about every fetish I have. Short hair, full-figured, dark skin, positive personality. Now you just added lacy underwear and dyed hair to it. In short, in regards to Next, I'm green with envy.

Did you purposely do this with Shark and Mary in NMG?
I like to include girls with different sizes, but short and curvy with short hair seem to be main characters in the past few comics.
I like how you responded to him PainfulBuggery seriously. I would have been tempted to say I was stalking him or something.
Well, considering thast it's a fairly common bodytype, I'm not complaining at all.

Heck, it's a nice change from the stereotype super skinny/tall supermodel you usually see in comics.
(like, every single female superhero ever made .. ever .. by Marvel or DC)
Well, Iri's face in panel 2 is... odd.
Its the lines, there is less "movement" in it..
i dont know how to descibe it better -noticed it on last page to.
That actually felt like it was a bit romantic