Comic 251 - Deiri
12th May 2013, 7:11 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Author Notes:
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The last panels ended up really ugly. Uh. OH WELL.

I'll figure out the middle-range shots someday.
User comments:
I get it. There's no "there" there. Also, the hair like of came out looking like Lucille Ball. Neither is terrible however.
...i don't get what she's saying there..
It must come as a bit of surprise to Iri that Shark is actually smart, and not just a pretty face.

I suspect that Shark shall have to explain herself on the next page.
Sounds like Shark went to college while Iri was exiled.
I really love the panels with Shark's real eyes. She is so pretty~
So 'wireless' isn't practical, or is it a deep seated cultural thing?
Riot uses wireless a lot, but the delay it introduces is noticeable.
I bet wireless splitters mixed with some recreational drugs/programs are pretty trippy -- probably very illegal too.
You certainly won't qualify for the space program if you have drug problems.
unless those drugs are carcinigenic and available in convent oralaly inserted flamable tubes of course
Given what Pinky and Rhythm were smoking in the smoking room, it would be interesting to see what PM's consider a drug problem.
I guess she is saying that somehow Iri's early influence on her drove her to be ambitious and successful as an actress, and Iri's influence on Next drove him to be successful in politics. So... Iri is a *good* influence on children? Hmm.
I know Shark, I know... You got me view, you got me in the feels. Making me dig up the past view! STAHP PLEASE! :C
I think I get what this means. Character development and feels are on the way.