Comic 250 - Wipeaway
10th May 2013, 11:40 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Author Notes:
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Well, if I suddenly go offline, you'll know it's because my computer went away. But, for the moment, this kludgy crashy thing is still letting me make art.
User comments:
I know a, "Getting real tired of your shit" when I hear one. Not something I personally would say to someone going down on me but eh, different strokes for different folks.

I have to say she's really getting in there. I admire her enthusiasm.
That "hmmmm" sounds like a "depends on who she's interacting with."
Unrequited love seems to be a reoccurring theme for your work view; that and non-standard romance.

Is that an intentional thing or does it just work out that way?
I don't need to tell normal stories, they're already everywhere.
Unrequited love is a common fact of life, it's not a "thing" if view does it. Being on either side of a unrequited love is a painful thing. You're either going to get hurt by someone you love or you hurt someone you care for but not in the way they want. I would know.

But the key to writing is to write what you know. Stories provide a interesting insight to writers personal lives and well...
Still, as View said, telling normal stories seems superflous - So most of what we see is a skewed part of what the writers knowledge ... which means Drama is turned up to 11, and conflict is almost an end in itself, rather than a means to an end.
It's kinda like watching the news ... which Arab dude do Fox news show on their program ?
The clever, softspoken and intelligent one, or the fanatically religious misogonyst bastard who can barely say anything but "I hate america", completely forgetting that both Chile and Canada belongs to that category as well.

Conflict, scandals, sex and money .. sells.
Watch the evening news if you don't believe me.
Writers capitalize on the exact same stuff.
I was mostly wondering if there are specific themes that view aims for in storytelling, and whether I was just seeing things coincidentally or not.