Comic 249 - Space Fabric
8th May 2013, 11:43 PM in Hunter's Moon
Space Fabric
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Author Notes:
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Believe it or not, I'm not doing this for casual pornish stuff.

Iri's complexion is really annoying. It was supposed to be that nutmeggy color, but monitor issues made it (and her hair) much paler than intended.

Now she's the palest of the PMs, which is not what I intended but, eh, I'll live with it, I guess.
User comments:
So she is laying in the sun and wet, looks like slight reflective shine. Meeh! Sounds good to me anyways! :)
It's increasingly clear to me that PMs have very different cultural norms. If they have clans and no nudity taboo then I suspect they have polygamy. Is marriage among PMs matriarchal or patriarchal? I suspect it's different from clan to clan.
Their culture is pretty weird. I'm hoping we'll get into it later, but I'm actually not sure if the storyline has time for it.
If it won't fit into the story proper, once it's finished it'd be enjoyable if you wrote up, or even did small batches of comic pages, of a bunch more setting info for Space Pulp.
Color is a tricky enough thing without having to worry about whether or not what you see is correct or not.

On a different note, I wanted to do something as a thanks to you view for making Space Pulp. Since I'm leagues better with color than lineart I went ahead and colored that valentines day strip you did view.

... Did you want to request a sketch? That definitely deserves one.
Mind if I take a rain check on that sketch? I'd like to think of something good.
Oh heck, that's pretty nice Bellar.
Looving Sharks eyes.

More sketchy/color/thingies. :)