Comic 248 - Entrar
7th May 2013, 11:14 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Author Notes:
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More experiments with color trick things.

Edit: Ahhh, jeeze, color gamma strikes again. My monitor seems to drift... or maybe it's my eyesight.
User comments:
I bet there's more!

[Those water droplets are a nice touch.]
"Hey, lemme plug in the third port."
You freak, why can't you like normal things like anal or bdsm.
"Hey, lemme plug in the third port."
Hrm ... interesting, but that opens more questions than it answers about Iri's "third port."
Sort of a random question, but is Shark relying on good old-fashioned colored contacts for the eye change or is there something higher-tech at work?

Page looks very nice, btw.
Also, her eyebrows have been dyed again.
Again, Dye or high-tech ?
That wig is so awful. It really is. Iri needs to dye her hair that sky blue so her normal hair is accurate.
But .. then Iri won't have that sexy, sexy red hair anymore, and it'll be harder for her to pull Maybex !
There are some things you just don't wanna know.