Comic 247 - Home Again
6th May 2013, 10:24 PM in Hunter's Moon
Home Again
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Another day, a bunch of coloring technique tests.

Painting-style has a lot of potential, but it's slow. Maybe I'll try fill paints as normal, and just erase the lines after.
User comments:
Painting has *all* the potential, since it's so flexible.
Looks good too, if you're good at it.

But yes, it takes much time.

Other times, it's all about the little details, like the little shadow on the door from next's hand, offcourse, if you have to add little details to everything, that takes time too.
I suspect this is why most known artists in history have complained about there not being more hours in the day.
Well, there's a difference between free-painting and fill painting like I do. Fill painting is really quick if your lineart is properly closed-up.

A lot of artists do lasso-painting as well, but SAI has a crappy lasso tool, so I haven't been able to get it to work well.
Um! Just out of curiosity. Is either on birth control or don't they worry about Iri getting Pregnant? Let me guess, He pulls out.... Nahh!
Birth control is pretty much a given in any spacefaring race.
That actually raises an interesting question, considering that the PM's homeplanet have been irradiated quite a bit, have that impacted their birth rate ?
If anything it probably improved it! But yeah we got all types of crazy methods to prevent accidental pregnancy. They probably can consciously control the act to the point where both partners have to be willing to result in a pregnancy.

I gotta ask though view, it's probably been answered, but can different but closely related species have children with one another? If so I'm guessing at best you'll get a sterile hybrid or dead birth defect babies.

Edit: Next MY man, I sometimes like for the ladies to keep their shirt on too.
Some of the branches are more closely related. Lots of slabheads are compatible, but most species are not. You could probably do it using aggressive artificial means, or maybe get a mule sometimes... but it's extremely rare.

Usually if you marry outside your species, you adopt or get artificially impregnated. The Salu Salu are the biggest example of that, since less than a third of them marry inside the species.