Comic 246 - Car Ride
5th May 2013, 7:30 PM in Hunter's Moon
Car Ride
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Author Notes:
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This page was weird to draw, but fun. I tried a bunch of odd techniques.
User comments:
Random thought: are there albino PMs and other species in this universe? Since we have albino-everything on Earth, I want to know if the same applies to space.
You've already seen at least two slabhead albinos, because there's a whole subspecies that is albino. Most of them have cybernetic eyes for complicated reasons.
It is awesome that you think out background details like that for the setting. :) You have good world-building. :)
Oh hey, neat, the car changed color and wrote "busy" on the hood. :)

And aww, she don't want any of Mr Fabolous ?
The world is shocked, SHOCKED, I say.
"A bit of big-and-small" What a friend of mine calls a menage a 2.5.