Comic 245 - Microcab
3rd May 2013, 11:47 PM in Hunter's Moon
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The main population on the planet is the huge elephant people, which obviously require large cars. The smaller species are generally served by smaller cars, and the two generally don't use vehicles intended for the other size.
User comments:
Oh, are you talking about the new one about evolution, or the old one about the circus?

Either way, haven't heard of them for a long time.
Wh... there's no way they have the rights to all those A-list and B-list characters!

I guess they could say it's parody, but this circus seems to be on a tightrope without a legal net.
I would imagine a business as old as R-B,B&B would have legal teams that could handle the rights. Oldest show on Earth and the Charactor owners may not care about the infringment by the Circus.
Ha ha, it's hilarious how the little car can take them all, including the security guys. :D

I wonder who Iri is going to present the Salu Salu for ?
I'm guessing on Ayata !
Salu guy and Ayata pairing? Finally she can get laid!
Ayata could use some stress relief though.

Though to be fair, I was thinking more of him getting to interview Ayata as an ambassador for her people.
D'aww, I like the cute little car. :) Also everything else!
Yeah, gotta love how the guards manages to stay blurred even in up and close shots - That's some hardcore camoflage technology right there.

Space Paris Hilton uses the same technology on her panties - That way nobody can see her panties !
Now I'm imagining little tiny Xenomorphs as her space crabs in her space panties.
The car, is bigger on in the inside!


Though, it took me at least four visits to realize that it was a single-bench vehicle.
Don't you know!? That's the future of all technology. It's very simple, here's the math.

Knowledge = Power
Power = Energy
Energy = Matter
Matter = Mass
Mass warps space and time.