Comic 244 - A Very Special Episode
2nd May 2013, 10:36 PM in Hunter's Moon
A Very Special Episode
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Whew. These pages felt like the most boring to me.

From here on out, it's alllll uphill. Bit by bit.
User comments:
Can't ascend if you're already there!

[I sort of got the impression there was some degree of species engineering way back with the Ancients.]
Seems "geanfreak" is different from "genetically engineered" but that might just be me.

Well, at least it's not jeanfreaks!

"ARGH - you wear jeans ?? DIE DIE DIE !!!" :D
This is getting interesting. Seems like different plots are coming together and not exactly a good thing. (Go away for a week and had to catch up)
That's kind of the reason it's been annoying to write. Teasing out the threads and bringing them together wasn't done as smoothly as I should have done it.
You do this on your own time and for your own reasons. No need to be hard on yourself View! We all enjoy what you do.
I'm not being hard on myself, I just know to do it better next time.
Things are seldome the best on the first try, which is why most developers like to develop using an re-itherative method.

Heck, I believe John Cleese also said something about that in the video I linked to you a few comics back.
Hey view, how do Poison Monkey eyes work? Are they built like a cross between a human eye and a cat eye, or do they actually emit light? If they have pupils, what's the iris:pupil ratio like?
I believe that View has mentioned they are like cat eyes way back when they were looking at a city getting shelled, if memory serves me.
I'm enjoying those city-scapes, though your arch-enemy, The Perspective™ is at play again in a few spots, the overall result is solid and definately adds atmosphere to the comic. :)

A bit of a gray city, but I guess that's normal.
Also, I wonder what Iri is looking for in panel 3 ?
I wish you wouldn't invent arch-enemies for me.

I've only drawn a few images with perspective - I think you've seen them all. It's not that it's hard, it's that I started late and it's not my focus.

But when you say it's my "arch-enemy", that raises a mental hurdle for me, makes me feel like I'm actually bad at it. Moreover, it makes everyone else hyper-aware of that particular thing, so it actually raises the bar: I have to do better just to get them to not get distracted by it.

I don't plan on dedicating my life to "overcoming" my "arch-enemy" of perspective. It's not the kind of art I particularly like doing. I plan to become "good enough" at it. To make it one tool of many.

But that's very hard when hurdles and bars are being raised.
Allright, fair enough, I shall not mention it again.

I'm sorry to have been a bother about it.
Feel free to delete the thread if it annoys you.
No, don't worry about it. Feel free to comment honestly as you prefer, just be aware that my only arch enemy is Batman.
What .. you don't count superman as an enemy ?

Dangit, I'll just have to solo him, won't I ?