Comic 243 - Framed Dialog
30th Apr 2013, 10:26 PM in Hunter's Moon
Framed Dialog
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I really hate "talking head" comics, which is why the past few weeks have been really awful to write. They've really shown me my limits at pacing.

If you want to see what I mean, cruise on over to Go Get a Roomie:

That comic is drawn by one of the best comic artists I've seen (ChloƩ C), and she struggles to put an amazing amount of personality into her art... but the script calls for talking heads.

In the end, no level of art can save a talking head strip. There has to be place, progression, physicality...

You can do a pretty good talking head strip, but it's wasteful to do nothing but talking head strips, especially when your artist is so damn impressive.

The weird thing is, I think she also writes it. That's weird.

Anyway. I hate talking head strips, and I hate that this chapter is mostly the talking heads chapter.

Also, probably gonna miss tomorrow. Probably should have skipped today, too, given that I only had an hour to push the whole page out.
User comments:
Next is a reflexive diplomat!

[And you are an artist! Enjoy your break.]

You also read GGAR ! :D
And dangit, the Salu Salu is still cute. :)

Edit :
Gotta say, I rather like panel 3. The persons in it is a bit "meh", but the background has surprisingly good depth to it. A mix of good perspective and creative use of littering and shadows really make it work. Me like. :)
I was really irritated by how it came out all around, but I don't have access to my tablet until late tomorrow.
Oh ?

You did this with a mouse then ?
And what type of tablet do you use ?
No, I used a tablet, but I only had an hour with it.

I use a Wacom Intuos, but that's not necessarily what I'd recommend these days. Back when I got it, it was the only decent tablet on the market.
Ah, I know the feeling.
There may be smarter, newer tools out there, but you've gotten proficient with the one you have.

I did have a look at a Cintiq 24 HD at a shop the other day, very neat thing, but oh so expensive !
There are other options these days, for cheaper. Wacom provides undeniable quality, but they're pretty expensive.
True enough, heck, you can even use an iPad as a drawing tablet.

But yeah, Wacom do have good quality, and if you draw a lot, then it will be something to consider.
Still miles beyond the stick figures I can manage. Have fun on your break.
Kain Yusanagi
Glad you read GGAR too, View. :D

No clue if you ever read other materials, but my roomie has been bugging me to read a web serial she's been fangasming over, so I finally gave it a shot and I have to say, it's really interesting; realistic character interaction is paramount, and it starts with a girl (Taylor) being bullied at school, turning to the outlet of being a super-heroine. I'm not explaining it very well, but it's really good. It IS really bloody long, though, over one point one million words currently and still growing. is the link, if you're interested. Who knows, maybe you can grab some of Wildbow's readers to come read your comics, too. :D I already got the roomie reading Spacepulp.
I'm afraid I don't have the time to read prose, but if it's good, I hope people read it.
I am tempted.... but... afraid to click your link. I get sucked into reading things to the end, and that's like... thousands of pages.
Oh my lawd. You used shota as a verb.

And I still think Solla Sollew when I see their name. Which is only the bet Dr. Seuss book always