Comic 242 - Pretty Boys
29th Apr 2013, 10:41 PM in Hunter's Moon
Pretty Boys
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I may miss a day or two this week.
User comments:
aw, you need better aim then ! Or binoculars. :)

As for the Salu-salu, I'm guessing the color change is some sort of natural process .. maybe during puberty or something like that ?
Also, I'm hoping we're about to have a small flashback on the "full racist" incident.
Ok, now I'm a little lost, are we supposed to know the guy?
Don't think so .. at least not yet.
At least he seems pretty colorful and with a level head on his shoulders too - Can't be too bad then. :)
Am I the only one who has the strange urge to lick a Salu-salu to see if they are lemon or lime flavored?
Less sex = less comments/views on that page of the comic.
statistically provable!
Huh, how about that. And I just noticed when I comment with sex stuff going on I'm specifically talking about something else entirely. Like for example we now for sure have seen a Salu-salu male, that he probably dyes his skin on television, and with Iri's comment about Baramik's being conservative in nature and the rather rude fellow earlier that his co-host is probably some sorta futuristic Fox News personality.
Oh heck, I hadn't even connected him with the news personages.

Well, this is interesting, after a bit of digging in the archives, I came across this page, I'm guessing it's what is referred to.