Comic 241 - Flirt
28th Apr 2013, 7:56 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Author Notes:
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It's "character development."
User comments:
development of the male undergarment variety
Oh ?
Baramik are the stuck up ones ?

Also, I'm guessing Iri is talking about the guards, in the last panel ?
The Baramik are planetary inhabitants. They rarely go into space. A lot of them play up that difference by actively disliking spacer culture.

Every species has stuck-up members. The Baramik are just stuck up in their specific way.
Special little snowflakes with half a tree stuffed where the sun doesn't shine?
Iri is talking about Next's thong; it makes focusing on the future hard when so many of the paths lead to Next's ass.
poison boob, better than it sounds.
So, Iri likes effeminate men (eer... boyish, effeminate men.)
You're attributing human sexuality attributes to them - For all we know, it's incredibly masculine in PM society to wear a Thong.
Since I have nothing else to compare it to, human sexuality mannerisms is the most appropriate.
Also, she reefers to one of the male body guards as "beef cake" I think I'm safe in my assumption.
These poison monkeys are my kind of aliens.

Also Jagi is too...and there are some core differences. Go figure.
I love PMs, and Next's taste in underwear.
Next uses "Poison Boob". It's effective. Also the thong works for him.