Comic 240 - Quiet
26th Apr 2013, 11:49 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Sorry it's a bit late. My computer was ornery.

I drew another flesh pic. This one's... dirty rather than flirty. So be forewarned, I guess.
User comments:
The moon was so big and .. round ! :)
So .. out there !
S&M ain't exactly my cup of tea but the pinup is fantastic none the less!
Whatever it is you want to call it, it's still hot, like Rhythm Riot is! Dark skin and small breasts. . . hmmmngh.
Ooooh. Love the pinup. I got my nipples pierced for exactly that reason.

Oh, and I guess todays comic is good or something. =P
Well, more to have someone pull on the chain, but yeah.
I just wear barbells, but used to use a chain that could hook on to them. That is in the past, sadly, as one of my nipples started to reject the piercing, so I only have the one now. : (
Nice. I've always wanted my SO to get a chain, but no dice. That right there is the reason why I wanted her to get one. >_>

View: Gorgeous picture. And apparently you do enjoy doing smut sometimes too. :P Unless you're doing this for views, in which case when the action starts heating up again I think people are going to be more attentive all around.
Kain Yusanagi
Dammit that is my post up there. Stupid thing didn't notify me that I wasn't logged in (I usually just keep it logged in).
Heh, Next can be a bit boring when he gets around to talk shop, huh ?

That makes me think - Does he do anything besides being PMPM ? Well, except Iri offcourse.
Absolutely nothing. I don't think he's even see the Iri movies.
Man .. he needs a hobby if he wants to be popular with the Baramik ! :)
Flirty, Dirty and (if you do one that is ambiguous) Skirty!
Well, that's the problem. You can't use an ornery machine.
*another* flesh pic? what were the previous ones? i can't remember. <:3c
How odd, people who didn't get here through porn I drew years ago.
So those two guys in blue behind them have been with them for a while. Is the planet assigning guards to Next or are they being tailed?
Well, after all the destruction they wrought, I guess they want to at least be forewarned Next time it happens.

... (see what I did there?) ...
I dunno why, but this page is one of my top-5 favs. And not because of the last panel.
That deserves both an "Aww" and a fistbump...with a hint of swag.