Comic 239 - Classy Exits
25th Apr 2013, 11:53 PM in Hunter's Moon
Classy Exits
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Author Notes:
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Action! Adventure! Going this way instead of that way!

... In case I haven't been clear enough, Next is wearing lifts.
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'Cause people seem to want flesh, here's an inking practice pinup of Shark:
User comments:
As far as surveillance goes, those two are not too bright. Unless they are trying to intimidate Iri and Next.
I think the low resolution background guys are the local ambassadorial security contingent.
Yeah, if I didn't put them in, people would be like "Why is Iri allowed to just randomly wander around unwatched after inviting an invading fleet down to play?!"
I .. I wouldn't have done that ... nooo
nuh-uh ...
no way ..

ok, maybe a little bit. XD
Ok I get it, but.. watching is about all they would do. Most of them know how deadly she can be if provoked. My opinion. PS- do you have other pinups? I couldn't find them.
I've had a few. There's not really a library of them, because they're just in passing for people who read comments.

I think the one he's talking about probably isn't anywhere on the internet any more. Some of them are still where the links point to, but I don't know where the links are.
Sweet baby jesus, another Shark pinup! I still have the other as my desktop.
So, and I just want to be sure here, that is a joke right? He's younger than all of them correct?

I know, I ruined the joke. But I'm slow sometimes and I Want to be sure!
Well, I would say he's about the same age. It's up in the air as to whether he's a little younger or a little older.
Oh...well ok. At least you know...well I dont look too stupid lol