Comic 238 - Ambassadors
24th Apr 2013, 10:51 PM in Hunter's Moon
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no ass grabing or tities on this page :(
You have to develop the story line. From View's comment this was done while asleep.
I think this page is just character/species development. Doesn't mean there won't be a quiz later.

I have overheard the "ambassadors" comment addressed to uniformed military members previously, so it isn't entirely out of place.

Reminds me of school.
"When you're in your uniform you are ambassadors of the school. So be on your best behaviour on your way to and from school."
Which leads my head to the best line they ever tried to chastise us with.
"You break a chair, you break a community"
He looks both fabolous *and* fashionable!

Btw, liking the shadows on the wall. :)
I wonder just how much of the Poison Monkey clothing choices is their own personal style, and how much is them just picking things out in a kind of mimicry of what people who wear clothes would choose.
I suspect that PM's are quite individual and are raised with high, perhaps even hyper fashion in mind.

It reminds me of another comic, where elves always carried garish colored clothes, because they were essentially colorblind when it came to other colors than brown and green.
It wasn't that they had bad fashion, just just had bad color vision. :)
Like all people, some are emulators, some are trend setters, and some just have no taste.
I think the reason I didn't realize she was in uniform the last few pages, is that is the first PM uniform I recall seeing.