Comic 237 - Straighten Up
23rd Apr 2013, 10:13 PM in Hunter's Moon
Straighten Up
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Author Notes:
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I played really loose with the coloring and knocked this page out in half the normal time.

A little bit of Next. He's tiiiiny. He's as short as Ayata.

I was worried I may have given the impression Iri was big. She's not.
User comments:
Iri's an unfashionable weirdo, but Next is pretty much as expected. He's just more of a frills person.
I remember when Next first appeared. He was so short I honestly thought he was a kid. It took a while before I shed that preconception.
I'm gonna help everyone shed that opinion with these pages!
Oh, don't worry, I think we all shed it after the first sex scene.
please, view, don't let that stop you from helping our preconceptions about Next...
Ah, what was it Iri said about Next .. "like a cat" and "fucking taut" or something like that ?

And then she grabbed Rythm Riot's boob !
Yup, he's petite! And I think he gave Eternal a thrill. That or hes about to have the PM version of a sexual harassment suit.
She seems to be wearing a uniform. You can see a name tag over the left breast. Next is just putting it back to regulation. He is the PMPM and she probably is embarrassed meeting him undone. Especially since he took it upon himself to fix it. I doubt he was getting a free feel. What that indicator is under her sleeve is curious though!
About the suit, that's definately some emberasment at getting corrected by the PMPM, in front of the famous Iridium Lake.
As for the armband, maybe it is a toxin level indicator, and may mean she needs to smoke some more, soonish.

Could be that PM's get weird if they get too much fresh air. :)
Must be for the monkeys that are fresh from the homeworld and don't know how to handle their atmosphere yet, since I've not seen any of Next's crew or Iri with that band.
Well, it could be anything, I'm just guessing here. :)
Next is pretty swag for a Poison Monkey. I find it funny he's straightening out their clothes. That's pretty much a real life thing there. I can't tell you the number of times I've gone to a function/dinner/ meeting and I had to straighten collars, correctly button cuffs, tie someone else's tie, affix corsages/lapels, etc. But that's the downside of being a position of authority, you gotta baby everyone under you.
I really do like this page Next is really giving us a insight to how Others of her race act ( given that Iri bearly follows rules.. )